Genealogical Research

1Are There Any Other Cemeteries Which Have Been Relocated To An Odd Fellows' Cemetery Company Location?
There are two Philadelphia Cemeteries which were closed and relocated to Lawnview Cemetery. In 1951, the original Odd Fellows' Cemetery was closed and the 65,000 bodies interred there were re-interred at Lawnview. When Monument Cemetery was closed in 1955, all 26,000 bodies were also re-interred at Lawnview. All graves have been provided with perpetual care. The records for those who were re-interred are kept at the Odd Fellows' main office located at Lawnview Cemetery.
2If I Am Interested In Genealogical Information, How Can I Request It?
We are happy to assist you in your genealogical research. Please forward your request in writing to our main office and include as much information as possible, including the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, cemetery of burial, etc. There is a minimal fee of $20.00 per search. Please allow us 2-4 weeks to complete your request.
3What Cemetery Records Are Available For Genealogical Search Requests?
All of our active Cemetery records may be requested for searches: Lawnview, Pine Grove, Mount Peace. We also have all records for the original Odd Fellows' Cemetery and Monument Cemetery.

Cemetery Memorials

1How Long Do I Need To Wait After Burial Before Having A Memorial Placed On A Loved One's Grave?
A memorial can be placed on your family grave at any time after a burial. Our burials are placed so that there is space at the head of the grave for a memorial foundation. The foundation we install is about three feet deep allowing for minimal settling.
2Are There Size Limitations For My Memorial?
If your grave is in one of our memorial sections, you may only install a grass or flush marker. This may be granite or bronze. Our other cemetery sections permit either a grass marker or any shape upright memorial. However, there are size limitations depending on the number of graves you own. There are also limits as to height. For more information, please contact your Family Counselor.
3How Long Will I Wait Before My Monument Is Installed After Ordering From Cemetery Memorials?
Once your memorial has been ordered by your Family Counselor, it is normally about 8 - 12 weeks for your monument to be installed. However, if you have ordered a stone to be delivered from over-seas or a very large or ornate memorial, completion will take longer. Weather may also cause a delay in installation. Your Family Counselor will keep you informed of any special circumstances or delays.


1Is Financing Available For Pre-Arranging?
Yes! We will be happy to make financing arrangements with no interest or finance charges. Please ask your Family Counselor for details.
2Why Is It Important To Pre-Arrange My Burial Arrangements?
There are so many reasons to plan your burial arrangements long before they are needed. Economy is the most obvious reason to pre-arrange. It's a fact that prices continue to rise for products we use. Burial costs are no different. On average, these costs increase 5-10% per year. Purchasing burial arrangements now will save you and your family time and money when these services are actually needed. You purchase life insurance to protect your assets and to provide financial security for your spouse and family. Pre-arranging and/or paying for your burial arrangements is added security for your family. They will not be burdened with additional bills to pay. Therefore, family members will not have to borrow money or continue working to pay for your final arrangements. Pre-arrangement is an investment that actually increases the value of your estate. In addition, advanced planning gives you the power of choice. You have complete control of the choices made regarding where and how you will be interred. There are many choices available from body donation to cremation to traditional burial. You decide how and where you want your remains to be laid to rest. You have the luxury of time to make choices that are best for you and to find the best prices. Your family is not laden with having to make so many complicated and expensive decisions in an emotionally demanding time. Please download our informational flyer "Facts you should know".

General Cemetery Information

1Is It More Expensive To Purchase A Crypt Rather Than Ground For Burial?
Not any more!. Historically it was more expensive, however, our beautiful community mausoleums make it very economical to inter above ground. Burial in a mausoleum crypt is very comparable with ground burial. For more information, please visit our Mausoleums page.
2What Is The Difference Between A Crypt And A Niche?
A crypt is for the interment of a casket. A niche is for the interment of ashes or cremains in an urn.
3What Is A Vault And Why Is It Required?
A vault is a re-enforced concrete box which is placed into a grave. The casket is then interred within the vault. The main purpose of the vault is to reduce ground settling. With less ground settlement, your grave will need less maintenance such as re-filling and seeding. It also serves as some protection to the casket. There are no vaults made which will completely seal out all water, dirt, etc. from the casket or keep it from deteriorating.
4What Is The Difference Between A Single Depth And Double Depth Grave Openings?
A single depth opening is to 6 feet and will accommodate one burial. Our Pine Grove location will only permit single openings. Double depth openings are at 8 feet and will accommodate two burials in a single grave. Both Lawnview and Mount Peace will allow for double depth openings.
5How Many Cremains May Be Buried In A Single Grave?
A single grave will accommodate two cremains at the head of the grave.
6Why Should I Inter My Loved Ones Cremains In A Cemetery?
Many people like the idea of having some place special to visit there deceased family members to reflect and remember. If a loved one's cremains are interred in a cemetery, either in ground or in a niche, the family will have a lasting memorial.
7What Is Perpetual Care? Does It Cost Extra?
Perpetual care means that your cemetery property will be maintained in full forever. This includes grading, seeding, grass cutting, etc. Perpetual care of your grave is included with your purchase. There will never be a charge to you for general maintenance. However, you could purchase our Flower Endowment. This provides flowers or greens to your family grave for Easter, Memorial Day and Christmas. The purchase of a Flower Endowment would insure that your family grave would always be decorated without you having to lift a finger.
8If I Choose To Plant On My Family Grave, What Is Permitted?
You may plant any type of flower. We do not permit the planting of trees, shrubs or vegetables. Maintenance of flower bed is responsibility of the family and will be removed if not cared for.
9How Do I Find A Grave Location?
Our staff is happy to assist you with finding your grave location during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m at Lawnview Cemetery and Mount Peace Cemetery. However, if you contact our office prior to visiting the cemetery, we will be happy to meet you and show you a location. We suggest you contact our main office for more information.
10 How Do I Change The Name On A Lot Deed?
Please contact our main office and we will make the necessary changes. There is a minimal charge of $50.00 for this service.
11What Would Happen If A Cemetery Had No More Available Ground Or Closes?
In the event that a cemetery would close to new burials or sales, the ground would remain as a cemetery. All ground would continue to be maintained in perpetual care.
12How Often Do Prices Increase?
Price increases thoughout the burial industry average 5-10% per year. The Odd Fellows' Cemetery Company Of Philadelphia strives to be competitive, yet to serve the best interests of our customers. Our prices may increased annually but the rate depends on many factors. The economic environment is generally the main determinant.

Rules and Regulations

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